Testing & Quality Assurance

During the routine development of software, an average 5 bugs per function point are created. It is the role of a software tester to identify defects before the product is deployed. A good software should have the features of-

  • A low level of defects
  • Good c1ientsatisfaction
  • Effective customer support
  • A development structure that minimizes bad fixes

It takes a lot of work to develop a good test plan, which involves problem-tracking system. As manual testing is prone to potential errors, automated testing has become imperative. An automated tes1 series can be re-run when needed, takes significantly shorter time to run than manual testing and introduces consistency in testing.

Baron is well equipped to address automation issues and create custom strategies that integrate an organization's overall quality assurance goal s. Baron can assist in automating testing effort and ensure that testing process is managed effectively. The tests are coded inside an automation tool so that they duplicate the actions of a human user without assistance. This means that the tests have been automated and can be executed in a shorter period of time with 100% reproducible feature.

Our expertise includes

  • Automated Software Solutions
  • Test Planning, Management and Execution
  • Training in Software Test Methodology