Supply Chain Management Solutions

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one of the most powerful engines of successful business transformation, specialty in terms of optimizing the resources. By linking together manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and customers , it ensures delivering the right product to the right place at the right time and at right price.

Baron has been helping businesses around the world in gearing their supply chains to be effective by integrating product design, production, distribution and transportation functions into a seamless enterprise that links internal divisions, outside suppliers, distributors and especially customers into a single, strategically orchestrated whole.

Baron has the expertise in building supply chain models to suit specific requirements and environments and has vast experience in providing Supply Chain Management Solutions for a wide range of industries varying from production to services.

Our expertise includes

  • Analysis of multi company logistics chains and finding optimal alternatives.
  • Analysing alternative distribution network structures from cost and time points of view.
  • Finding new purchasing/inventory/delivery control parameters for an existing logistics network
  • Balancing costs and customer service.
  • Balancing production and logistics costs.
  • Creating segmented distribution policies for customers and deliveries.
  • Finding solutions to decrease inventory levels without deteriorating customer service.
  • Analysing effects of changing delivery frequencies and other dynamic control parameters.
  • Maintaining supply chain partnership by assessing benefits and drawbacks, for multiple partners.