Client/Server Applications

Baron has a proven track record of success and consistency in designing, integrating and implementing client/server application services to a wide range of Industries like construction, insurance, legal, process and manufacturing. Baron has to its credit, developing client/server applications ranging from project management support to the development of mission-critical custom business applications.

Baron 's extensive experience, operational methodologies of proven efficacy and a holist ic approach to problems enable companies to cost-effectively convert their legacy system s to client/server architecture, entailing marginal investment, disruption and time, even while ensuring the integrity of critical corporate data .

Baron has also built up the requisite business knowledge, development methodologies and technical expertise in Data Warehousing and Data Mart Development to turn an organization's operational data into informational assets. Baron offers Data Base Solutions to turn large volumes of data residing in multiple systems and files into integrated and easily accessible information. The consultants at Baron have the capabilities and skills to evolve effective decision-enabling solutions that help companies catalyse their competence and competitiveness.

Our expertise includes

  • Client/Server Application Development
  • Database Design, Implementation and Performance Tuning
  • System Architectural Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Design, Development, Testing and Implementation knowledge in Multi-Tier Architecture
  • Database Modelling and Design using Case Tools
  • Design, Development, Testing and Implementation knowledge in GUI based Front-end Architecture